EDC Client Testimonials

“For a scientist, the commercial world is a confusing and ferocious mayhem. EDC staff tame this world and make it a real opportunity. Without EDC, my inventions and benefits to the public will stay at ground level, with EDC we will soar into a successful enterprise.”
-Dr. Joe Assouline, Founder, NanoMedTrix

“The EDC helped us apply for and successfully win a loan from Iowa’s IEDA Launch fund. They also helped us prepare for several investor pitches. Finally, they advised us about our business plan and in how to approach potential channel partners.

I always know that my pitch is going to get 100 times better after I practice for the EDC. Curt and Pete give us clear, honest feedback but at the same time I feel like they truly understand and value our product and company. The result is that I fully trust their advice and feel like a have a personal cheerleading squad.”
-Michal Eynon-Lynch, Co-Founder, Pear Deck

“EDC has been an important source of support in helping Breads from Anna create a plan for growth, raise funds and develop a team. Everyone at the EDC has been able to offer their own area of expertise which has been a unique and most valuable arrangement; going to one place and having all the talent I need has been something I have never found anywhere else in the eight years of running this business.”
-Anna Sobaski, Founder and President, Breads from Anna

“The EDC staff isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and help clients execute on their plans. This kind of assistance has been invaluable to me as I grow my business.”
-Bill Rieckhoff, Varsity Motor Coach

“The EDC has been a valuable resource to my team and I as we were mapping out our expansion strategy and building our sales. We have also relied on the EDC time and again for help navigating the various funding options in the state and beyond. The EDC is a critical part of growing the local economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. They have real-world experience to provide guidance and resources to help entrepreneurs succeed.”
-Bruce Lehrman, Involta

“As one of EDC’s first clients, they helped me plan for the launch of my business. Since then, we have grown constantly; being recognized multiple times on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies list. EDC has been a great partner in the growth of our business and they continue to provide support on a monthly basis.”
-Matt Miller, MobileDemand

“We’re in a level now as a second generation business where we really need to find those professionals who have been there, done that and can tell us the simple truth in a way that we can apply it in our business. I need answers from people who can really get us where we need to go and EDC has provided that for us.”
-Mary Miner, Hadar Athletic

“The EDC is there to help us as we scale Clickstop. We can leverage their ‘been there done that’ expertise to avoid costly mistakes as we grow our business.”
-Tim Guenther, Clickstop

“The level of skill in the EDC group is unbelievable. And if we need something, or someone else, they give us great leads to excellent resources. Instead of randomly searching the web, they know of key people that they have put us in touch with. What always comes to mind in thinking of EDC, is they have guided us to work smarter, not harder. For a small growing business, that is worth its weight in gold.”
-Freda Sojka, Simply Soothing

“I’d like to thank the EDC team for all the assistance you have provided us over the past 4 years. 2013 was a great year for growth and we have more than doubled our business since 2010. The assistance in marketing and sales provided by the EDC were critical in forming the strategies, action plans and initial tasks that have enabled us to create and focus our marketing efforts, differentiate from competition, and grow beyond our expectations.”
-Marc Meyer, Inteconnex

“The immediate insight and related experience regarding our business model was instrumental in management’s desire to work with EDC, and our decision to establish the business in Cedar Rapids. EDC helped us fine-tune key aspects of our business plan as well as round up the capital needed to get started. What we at iCONNECT value most about working with EDC is the collaboration and active participation of the EDC team. Everyone with whom we work is fully committed to the success of our business.”
-Tom Kielty, iCONNECT


The counseling and support we received from the EDC team during our start-up years had a huge impact on our success. And now, we continue to benefit from our EDC relationship with ongoing business and sales coaching and the connections that are helping us grow much faster than the rest of our industry. The Creative Corridor is blessed to have such a strong force for spawning new business.

Jeff Quint, Cedar Ridge Vineyards, Winery & Distillery

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