Working with EDC

EDC’s primary function is to connect entrepreneurial needs with qualified community and state resources and to provide hands-on professional business direction. While working with both emerging and existing Iowa-based businesses, EDC supports the development and commercialization of new products, services and technologies.

How does EDC work?

In some cases, EDC acts as a sounding board for clients—providing guidance and advice. For other clients, EDC becomes an extension of their teams—rolling up our sleeves and executing on various tasks necessary to scale the business.


EDC Blog

Budgeting for Success

Just like a complete business plan allows you to project actions and reactions into the future, proper budgeting allows the projection of the financial requirements, responsibilities, and outcomes needed to drive success.  
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International Trade Office Announces FY16 Export Trade Assistance Program

The International Trade Office is happy to announce the availability of FY16 Export Trade Assistance Program (ETAP) and Domestic Trade Assistance Program (DTAP) funds.  
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Recent EDC News

Cedar Rapids Start-Up Sergeant Sender™ Facilitates Easier Gifting to Active Military

Local college students develop online portal to simplify sending military care packages

EDC Member Innovas Technologies Develops New Solution

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger fouling costs the US economy over $80B annually despite the long-established preventive maintenance habit of periodic manual cleaning. The Iowa manufacturing company, Innovas Technologies, develops state-of-the-art solutions to eliminate this problem in shell and tube heat exchangers through the full spectrum of heavy industry all the way down to comfort cooling by its Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System (Helios TCS).


Accelerating Business In Iowa

EDC’s Mission: To provide economic growth through the creation and expansion of high-impact Iowa businesses. Whether you have created a new business model or are operating an ongoing entrepreneurial enterprise that needs assistance growing or staying alive, EDC offers services designed to maximize your potential. See what our clients say about working with EDC.


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    Mark your calendars to join EDC on Thursday, April 13th for our 2nd Annual Meeting... 

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