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Whether you have created a new business model or are operating an ongoing entrepreneurial enterprise that needs assistance growing or staying alive, EDC offers services designed to maximize your potential. If you need experienced mentoring, help connecting with resources, finding quality talent, or raising money, it happens more effectively with a qualified resource specifically designed and staffed accordingly. The EDC was modeled after successful national business accelerators to proactively improve Iowa's entrepreneurial success rates. Read More About the EDC

"The initial involvement of EDC was in helping to financially restructure the company to get a capital infusion. That occurred and allowed us to buy more equipment and more materials so we could make deliveries more promptly and that was a significant improvement to our customers. I would say that the experience the EDC has brought is they've been out working directly in small companies and small mid-sized companies and have the hands-on experience. So they know what the entrepreneurs and small business owners are going through."

Wes Merryman
Precision Metal Works
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